I wanted the text on my stone to suggest methods of navigating to end up eventually, home - and I wanted it to link to Jo Bells’s stone at Longshaw Gate. I also wanted to respect and make reference to Ken Wilson, a local farmer who used abandoned millstones to strengthen a wall, and had set one as the threshold of his home.

So Walk on is the last line of Jo’s text, and & so to references the wording on the original guide stoop – (and so to Chapel en lee firth). The list of bys picks up the idea/sound of Jo’s come bye. On the side on the stone leading up to the first line, will be the word turn, and further down, on the other side will be the word return. On the underside of the stone will be my reference to Ken Wilson, in the form of instructions for re-use.

- Ann Atkinson

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Read the poem
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walk on

by water-flow

by crow-flight

by night by

star by


by map by


& so to


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Read the poem

grid reference  SK 26109 79399

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